Neabot P1 Pro Pet Grooming Kit & Vacuum Review

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Editor's Review

Neabot’s P1 Pro is an all-in-one portable grooming system for your pet. It includes five different tool heads for a range of functions. The brush head can be used on a daily basis to smooth out their coat. The deshedding tool suctions and removes loose fur. The clippers allow you to trim excess fur and style their coat. Both the cleaning brush and cleaning nozzle can be used to pick up hair from surfaces around your home, including carpets and furniture.

Each of the tool heads connects to a hose, which is hooked up to a vacuum. When turned on, the vacuum sucks up all of the fur that you accumulate while brushing, deshedding, trimming, or cleaning. This allows for easy clean-up. When you’re done, you just dispose of the fur that the vacuum collects.

The machine is designed to be low-noise. The vacuum offers multiple settings, the strongest of which we found to be about half the volume of a regular vacuum. Some light assembly of the pieces is required. The vacuum isn’t much larger than a dustbuster, but is much more powerful.

Neabot P1 Pro Pet Grooming Kit & Vacuum

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For the most part, the tools were very effective. The brush and deshedding tool allowed for much easier and faster brushing than a traditional, non-electric dog brush. The cord was also long enough to allow for easy movement and maneuvering.

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