MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner Review

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Editor's Review

The MudBuster is a paw cleaning tool that is designed for human convenience and dog comfort. Just fill with a little bit of water, insert your dog’s paw and gently twist the MudBuster back and forth. After that, take your dog’s paw out and dry it. Now just repeat that three more times! Easier said than done, but on the other hand, it truly has never been easier to clean puppy paws than now, thanks to the MudBuster.

For convenience, the MudBuster separates into three components, to make cleaning a snap. Just remove the cap, take out the silicone bristle pad, and clean each part separately. We tested the MudBuster out with TTPM dogs Lexi, Piper, and Dex. Dex and Lexi, with their shared “x” factor, weren’t difficult or fussy about having their paws cleaned by the MudBuster. Piper needed a little more convincing, but she gave in after a small treat bribe. It cleaned their paws off like a charm, and we immediately noticed far less mud and dirt in our homes! As wonderful as the MudBuster is, make sure you still have a towel around to dry those paws. At least your towels will be less muddy!

MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

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It’s normally a struggle to clean your dog’s paws thoroughly, and even then, you ruin your towels. With the MudBuster, you can avoid both of these struggles!

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