Lil’ Avocato Cat Toy and Fresh Breath Mint Stick Review

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Editor's Review

The Lil’ Avocato is a small, adorable avocado shaped toy made from a durable mesh, designed to be batted, chewed and played with. The interior contains catnip, in order to increase your cat’s attention. The secret of this toy is that its abrasive surface helps remove plaque from your cat’s teeth, promoting dental hygiene. The Fresh Breath Mint Stick is very similar in this regard, but it has some key differences to set it apart. The toy has a dumbbell shape with knitted mint leaves on either end, and is filled with mint instead of catnip. The thin strip in the middle can be kneaded to reactivate the mint scent. TTPM cats Bo and Finn tested out the Lil’ Avocato and Fresh Breath Mint Stick. Both cats really enjoyed batting these toys around like toy mice, rather than gnawing on them. However they did receive their fair share of toothy action. We didn’t notice a huge improvement in breath smell, but they entertained the cats well enough. These toys made Bo roll around and act very silly.

Lil’ Avocato Cat Toy and Fresh Breath Mint Stick

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These toys are lots of fun to bat around and to gnaw on!

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