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Editor's Review

Even if your dog is a strong swimmer, a lifejacket is an extra safety precaution that can give you a little more peace of mind during your day at the beach.

When you order the SNIK-S jacket, the company provides a size guide which we used to determine that Piper would be a size small. When we put the jacket on her for the first time, it seemed to fit true-to-size and was easy to adjust. It comes with a sticker strap and adjustable buckle to keep the jacket in place and prevent it from falling off when your dog is using it. It is available in many bright colors with reflective trims to make your dog visible in the water. You’ll find a D-ring on the back of the jacket where you can clip a leash. There’s also a grab handle on the back which is convenient if you need to quickly get a hold of your dog, whether they’re in or out of the water.

Our two Outward Hound styles, the Granby and the Dawson, also use bright colors and reflective piping to help you keep an eye on your dog, with an easy-grab handle on the back of them. The Granby provides a neoprene belly band for comfort and a chin panel to help keep your dog’s head above the water. The Dawson is ideal for swimming in cold water because it is made with neoprene material that insulates your dog and keeps them warm.

Outward Hound also has a size guide to figure out the best fit for your dog, and they recommend that you should primarily pick the size based on your dog’s girth, meaning the widest part around their rib cage. We went with the small size for Piper because it’s for dogs whose girth measures between 16 and 20 inches (Piper’s is 18 inches). But when we fitted the Granby on her, it seemed too tight; meanwhile the Dawson, also a size small, was way too big.

Life Jackets for Dogs

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They’re designed with features to keep your dog safe and afloat in the water. We like that the bright colors and reflective accenting on all three jackets make it easy to keep track of your dog in the water, while the handles on the back allow you to quickly grab hold of them in case of an emergency.

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