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The Signature Diamond Nameplate Leatherette Leash by Vanderpump Pets will appeal to fashion lovers looking to make their pooch stand out. Made from a glittery material, this leash is decorated with a glittery material and rhinestones complete with a golden nameplate of the VP Pets Logo. When light hits the leash, it will sparkle to make an eye catching accessory.

A leash, food and water bowl, and canteen all in one; that’s what you get with the Grab’N’Go Pet Dinette and Leash from SitStayGo. The smart design combines two bowls plus a water carrier into one compact unit. Fill the top water flask with up to 10 oz. of water and load one of the bowls with food or treats, then screw the individual compartments into place. The rubber padded is reinforced internally with rustproof steel with a leash anchor on the side that can be combined with a five-foot leash attachment, allowing you to hold the handle while walking your dog.

Lovers of the great outdoors will appreciate the Carolina Pet leashes from the Pendleton National Parks Collection. Each leash features a color and pattern inspired the natural beauty of one of America’s national parks. It’s a pretty straightforward six-foot leash, but it’s stylish, sturdy, and well-made from a high quality bridle leather and stitched-on ribbon.

The Your Perfect Leash from the Your Perfect Puppy Company is designed for large and strong dogs. Made from a weather-proof soft nylon that doesn’t fray, it’s 20 percent wider than most dog leashes. For your comfort, the handle is padded with odor-resistant neoprene to create a cushion when your dog pulls. A carabiner clip sewn into the handle is easy to loop around a tree or pole, or can be used to hold waste bags, treat bags, keys, and other items.

EzyDog’s ZeroShock leash helps you get a grip on dogs that tend to pull and chase while on walks. The folded bungie-like section in the middle is the shock absorbing technology, which helps soften the force of your dog’s pulling and minimize strain on the dog-walker. There’s a built-in traffic handle for when you need to rein your dog in close, as well as a handle above the bungie area to quickly tighten the slack when your pal gets a little overexcited. The padded neoprene that covers the handle of the leash will keep your hand comfortable, while the accessory bring lets you carry waste bags and other items while keeping your hands free. For extra safety, this leash features reflective stitching that oncoming drivers will be able to see when you and your dog are out on a nighttime walk.


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The Signature Diamond Nameplate Leatherette Leash is eye catching and will make your dog stand out.

The Pendleton National Parks Collection Leash is well-made from high quality bridle leather.

The Grab’N’Go Pet Dinette and Leash combines a leash, food storage, and water carrier into one compact unit, allowing you to have all the essentials on hand.

The Your Perfect Leash is comfortable and strong, with an included carabiner clip and D-ring that you can loop around a pole or tree, in case you need to tether your dog for a minute.

The ZeroShock leash minimizes strain on the dog walker when your dog pulls, so your arms and shoulders will thank you. Plus, it includes extra features to keep you and your dog safe from oncoming traffic.

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