Kong Squeezz and Dot Square Review

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Editor's Review

While both toys are made by kong, they are actually quite different! The Dotz Square donut shape is layered, consisting of an inner bumpy shape, and an outer shell. It’s decently sturdy, stiff, and the bumps help to scrub your dog’s teeth as they chew. The Squeezz dumbbell, conversely, is smooth, more flexible, and less sturdy (though still somewhat so). The qualities they both share are sqeakiness, and an erratic bounce for playing fetch. Plus, both toys come in multiple different sizes.


TTPM Dog Dex tried out the Squeezz Dumbbell and Dotz Square. Dex is a notoriously destructive chewer, so the Dumbbell’s days were numbered from the start. That being said, the squeak was very loud and easy to for Dex to get working, thanks to the engineering of the toy. The Squeezz has a hole through the middle of it, which may lead you to believe you can hide treats inside, but Kong does not recommend that. The Dotz Square held up much better to Dex’s chompers. The squeak is much quieter and harder to make happen, but it was still a simple task for Dex’s powerful mouth.

dotz square squeezz dumbbell 780 x 780 (2)

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Should I get it?

We recommend the Squeezz Dumbbell for dogs who have a moderate chew strength at most. If so, it’ll be a great fit. Consider the Dotz Square for dogs with a more firm chew strength.


  • The Squeezz Dumbbell has a nice loud squeak that’s easy to activate thanks to its flexible material.
  • The Squeezz  Dumbbell is designed to protect the noisemaker inside.
  • The Dotz Square is quite durable and good for your dog’s teeth.
  • Both toys have good bounce to them.
  • They each come in three different sizes.


  • The dumbbell may not hold up to very strong chewing.
  • The Dotz Square is much tougher to get squeaking.

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