Jolly Soccer Ball Review

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Editor's Review

The Jolly Soccer Ball is, as its name suggests, a ball with an engraved soccer ball pattern on the surface. It comes in two different sizes, and 3 different colors. However, what makes this ball unique is its composition. The Jolly Soccer Ball is made of a JollyFlex material, which allows it to be punctured, but not deflate. Thanks to the JollyFlex material, it also bounces and floats very well. These are all great claims, but how did it hold up to our tests?


TTPM dogs Piper, Lexi, and Chewie all tried out the Jolly Pets Soccer Ball. Piper and Lexi absolutely loved playing with this toy, despite their wildly different sizes. Talk about broad appeal! Chewie, true to his name, is a destructive chewer, and yet the Jolly Soccer Ball did not yield! Chewie would bite it, shake it around and toss it to and fro. It maintained its shape after hours of play and continued to be a big hit long after. We offered it to Xena and Haley as well, but for whatever reason, they weren’t interested.

Jolly Pet Soccer Ball 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

Assuming your dog likes ball style toys, you should definitely pick this up. It’s very durable and will last a good long while.


  •  It comes in varying sizes and colors.
  • It’s made from a durable yet malleable material.
  • It bounces and floats.


  • Not every dog will go for it, which is a risk with any toy.

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