Interactive & Feather Wand Cat Teaser Toys and Electric Fish Cat Toy Review

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Editor's Review

First up we have Interactive Cat Teaser. This toy has a motorized mouse that runs sporadically clockwise and counterclockwise along a circular track, both above and below the surface. Multiple holes allow your cat to track the mouse even when it is inside the toy, keeping your cat engaged and attentive. This toy requires 3 AA batteries which are not included. The surface of the toy has a special microfiber surface that doubles as a scratching post, to help keep claws nice and healthy. This product was a fan favorite for both our cats. Rambunctious Lola enjoyed both the fast and slow setting, while Harley preferred to take it easy with a slower mouse. Either way, this toy was a hit!

Next we have the Cat Feather Teaser. This fishing pole style cat wand has an adjustable string release buckle, so you can customize your play style on the fly, pun not intended. Simply toggle the buckle to lock the string length in place. It also has 3 interchangeable lures that are easy to switch out. Unfortunately neither Harley nor Lola were quite taken with this toy, and we tried all three attachment lures. On top of this, we were not able to extend the fishing line more than two feet, even though the product states that it extends to nearly four feet. Not every toy will work for every cat, and this one sadly wasn’t working for ours.

Finally let’s look at the Electric Fish Toy. The dancing fish is a soft, battery operated toy that responds to touch, and will start kicking and flopping at random intervals to simulate a true fish out of water. The lithium battery is rechargeable via an included USB cord, and can be removed for easy fish-in-water hand washing! In our test, the toy came charged right out of the packaging, and lasted a very long time. However, our cats weren’t that excited by the fish, but our dogs loved it! We think the inclusion of a catnip element may have further incentivised play for felines.

Interactive & Feather Wand Cat Teaser Toys and Electric Fish Cat Toy

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Our cats had a ton of fun with the Interactive Cat Teaser. Unfortunately they did not respond well to the Cat Feather Teaser, and Electric Fish Toy. The Cat Feather Teaser had mechanical limitations that we found disappointing, and the Electric Fish Toy, while mechanically functional, did not engage our cats, personally. The inclusion of a scent or catnip element may have improved performance on the Electric Fish.

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