Ice Collection Strawberry and Watermelon Chew Toys Review

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Editor's Review

These very cute fruits are chew toys made of bpa free silicone. One is shaped like a smaller strawberry and the other, a larger wedge of watermelon. What makes these chew toys unique is that the inside of them are hollow. They each have a topper to unplug so you can fill the inside with water. Then you can throw it in the freezer and take it out when it has frozen solid, for a nice cooling teether toy. In our experience, it froze quite quickly! The toy exteriors have subtle ridges and bumps to help abrase your dog’s teeth for greater dental hygiene.


TTPM dog Dex tried out these icy fruits. Since this is a unique concept, the Watermelon Ice Toy is Dex’s only frozen toy, and thus it kept his interest for a good long while. The different subtle textures helped hold his attention in addition to the cold temperature. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for Dex to discover the structural weak point of the toy. He is after all, a very destructive chewer. These toys may be better suited to medium or soft chewers.

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Should I get it?

If your dog has a gentle to middling chew strength, we highly recommend these toys for summertime gnawing! More destructive chewers will still enjoy these toys for sure, don’t get us wrong. Just don’t expect them to last too long a time.


  • They’re made of a safe silicone for dogs.
  • The water freezes quickly inside the toys.
  • The textures help clean dog teeth and offer a varied tactile experience for your pup.


  •  They don’t seem sturdy enough for hard or destructive chewers.

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