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Editor's Review

The Hunter Feeder is a great way to integrate play into your cats feeding time. Instead of pouring your cats food into a bowl, you pour the food into hollow “mice” and hide them for your cat to find. The mice are constructed of a hollow plastic shell with a padded mouse-shaped fabric sleeve wrapped around it. Once your cat finds the mouse, the only way to retrieve the food is to roll the mouse over and knock it about a bit. The whole kit features 3 mice, a training shell, and specialized scoop with a pour spout to help direct food into the mice. Even with the scoop, it can sometimes be tricky to fill the mice perfectly. Use the training shell to get your cat used to the hunting behaviors before graduating to the mice.

TTPM cats Sansa and Pickles tried out the Hunter Feeder. Sansa has a bad habit of eating too fast, so we were looking forward to seeing her reaction to the Hunter Feeder. Thankfully, she took to it very well! Sansa is a feisty cat, so she got the hang of batting around the mice to get to food inside very quickly. The kibble would potentially spill in a messy way, so placing them in rooms with hardwood is a good idea. Pickles never quite got the hang of it. If she can’t see the food, it may as well not exist. We found this product useful for leaving in the house on days where we would get home late. Ultimately though, we probably won’t adopt this as a permanent method, since Pickles won’t use it, and Sansa drops the mice entirely when we pour food in a bowl for Pickles. Having two cats complicates matters.

Hunter Cat Feeder

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Cats who are active will love the mice in the Hunter Feeder. Not only does it slow down your cat’s eating, it gives them something fun to do!

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