Happy Ride Collapsible Pet Travel Crate Review

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Editor's Review

This product is fully collapsible, as its name suggests, so storage is no issue whatsoever. When you want to use it, simply expand the inner aluminum frame, place the crate on the backseat of your vehicle, loop the seatbelt through the back of the crate, and wrap the front strap on the headrest of the seat in front of it. Rest assured that the Happy Ride Travel Crate isn’t budging during travel. There are two zippered doors on either side for easy entry and exit, as well as holes for you to reach in and feed your pet a treat or give scratches as they stay securely inside. Best of all, the inner fleece lining is machine washable, and the outer lining is both waterproof, and fully see through thanks to the abundant mesh, making your pets experience as painless as possible.

TTPM dog Lexi tried out the Happy Ride Pet Travel Crate. We had an easy enough time getting Lexi into the crate, and she was calm while being inside. Just in case, we kept treats on hand in the side storage pockets, just in case she got nervous. One slightly unfortunate development was that our seatbelt got chewed on a bit, as the belt is exposed on the interior of the crate while it is looped inside. Your experience will vary based on your pet’s proclivity for chewing.

Happy Ride Collapsible Pet Travel Crate

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Should I get it?

Be wary of your dog’s chewing habits, but otherwise this is a super useful and quality item!


  • It’s spacious when folded out, yet very compact when folded down.
  • It’s very secure.
  • It has easy entry and exit points on both sides.
  • It has plenty of mesh for pet visibility.
  • There is storage pockets for supplies.
  • There are quick access holes for you to interact with your pet while keeping them safely inside the crate.


  • Your pet has direct access to part of the seatbelt while it is looped through the crate.

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