Gator Scratch Mat For Cats Review

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Editor's Review

The Gator Scratch Mat is, true to its name, designed to resemble a cartoony alligator. The overall shape is flat and oblong, and it has two main textures: a bumpy but soft hide, and a tightly woven scratching surface on its back. There is an elastic string attached to the top to hang it vertically if desired, and a ball attached to a similar string that has catnip inside. Also, there is a crinkly substance woven into the core of the gator. Seems like the full package! But what did our cats think?


TTPM cats Lola and Harley tried out the Gator Scratch Mat, and by golly, we just couldn’t get them interested. We showed them the crinkling, the scratching, the ball, but these horses didn’t want to drink, even when we showed them the water. Well, Lola took a liking to the door hanger string. That’s like buying your kid a toy and they only want to play with the box. Normally Harley and Lola are catnip crazy, but for some reason, this didn’t do it for them.

Gator Scratch mat Hartz

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Should I get it?

This toy has a lot going for it, and we recognize what it has to bring to the table. Our cats weren’t that into it, but if your cat is a BIG fan of scratching, this might be worth trying out.


  • It has multiple textures for both face rubbing and scratching.
  • There is a sound element with the crinkly insides.
  • There’s a catnip filled ball.
  • You can lay it flat or hang it from a door handle.


  • It’s amazing on paper, but your mileage may vary by cats, even ones that normally love catnip.

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