Forever Fun Treat Track Cat Toy Review

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Editor's Review

The Forever Fun Treat Track consists of three stacked “tracks” onto which you put plastic balls, which your cat can bat around the track. The track comes with 3 different balls: two “treat” distribution balls and one light up ball. The treat distribution balls have a slot in the top where you place treats. As your cat bats them around the track, the treats will pop out. These balls have a seam along the center, which you can unscrew to allow easier cleaning. The light up ball is activated on impact and strobes for about 10 seconds before going out.

TTPM Cats Pickles and Sansa tested out the Forever Fun Treat Track. This toy kept both of our cats busy for a long time! Because the slot is only present on one side, the treats won’t fall out too easily, necessitating that the cat work a little for the treat. In lieu of handing Sansa a treat and subsequently having her follow us and meow for the rest of the evening, we’ll load up the Forever Fun Treat Track and go to do an errand or cook. It’s fun for everyone! Sansa is territorial, so thankfully we could easily remove a ball to give to pickles so as to avoid conflict.

A couple things to note, while the light up ball activated with a light touch initially, after two weeks it required a tougher hit to start working. We use it as a means to get the cat’s attention, mainly, so it’s fine. Also, the plastic that the tracks are made of feel a bit on the light side. Everything has held together perfectly well so far, but it doesn’t feel all that robust.

Forever Fun Treat Track Cat Toy

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Should I get it?

If you have a cat who is food motivated and loves to play, this product offers to satisfy both desires in a winning combination.


  • Set up is simple and easy, as is clean up.
  • It can entertain multiple cats.
  • It’s a more rewarding means of treat distribution for your cat.
  • The toy is versatile. Use the light up ball to get your cat’s attention, or remove a treat ball from the track for another way to play.


  • The light-up ball’s activation sensitivity dropped over a couple weeks.
  • The plastic quality feels light.

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