Fluff Trough Elevated Pet Feeder and Binge Blocker Review

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Editor's Review

The Fluff Trough was designed by the owner of a pug who struggled to eat from a traditional dog bowl because of his flat face. Unlike a regular dog bowl that’s lower to the ground, the Fluff Trough puts less strain on your dog’s neck as they eat.

Each Fluff Trough set consists of an elevated tray base, a silicone insert that slides into the base and holds food, and a set of feet that goes on the bottom of the legs.

Fluff Trough also offers a style called the Binge Blocker. It’s the same base and feet as the original, except the insert is a textured slow feeder. This is for the dogs who tend to gobble up their food in just a few seconds, as eating too quickly can make them sick or even pose a choking hazard.

Fluff Trough Elevated Pet Feeder and Binge Blocker

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The elevated design allows dogs to eat more comfortably. It’s also a great solution for messy eaters, because the high sides and back prevent food spills. The tray is very stable on the ground and doesn’t slide around as your pet eats. It’s dishwasher-safe, which makes it easy to clean.

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