Enrichment Lick Mats for Dogs Review

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Editor's Review

The Enrichment Lick Mats are all designed with divots and crevasses in which to hold soft foods. Simply spread a safe and tasty treat for your pup on the mat, such as peanut butter or plain yogurt, and give it to them. The act of trying to get all the food out will accomplish multiple beneficial things for your dog. It will slow their eating, zero in their focus, calm them down, and prevent boredom. These mats are great for nervous or anxious dogs, and are good tools to help them when they are stressed out.

The mats, as great as they are for licking, are not meant to be chewed. Be sure to check in with your pet once the food reservoirs get low, and remove the toy when it is totally gone. Our dog Lexi lost interest once the food was gone, but if you have a chew-happy pup like our other dog Piper, stay vigilant. To clean, simply place on the top rack of your dishwasher, or use warm water and soap by hand.

Enrichment Lick Mats for Dogs

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Yes! Our dogs loved the mats, and couldn’t get enough while they had food on them.

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