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Editor's Review

The Pop N’ Play Interactive Cat Toy from Allstar Innovations is a motorized Peek-A-Boo teaser toy. Four C batteries which are not included, are required. It includes one mouse toy and one feather toy, which are interchangeable. The mouse or feather will pop in and out of the holes to encourage your cat to hunt and chase. It even has an option to play chirping noises to pique your cat’s interest.

The SmartyKat Loco Motion is a swinging feather toy powered by three AA batteries (not included) and is very easy to set up. You can program it to stay on anywhere between 15 minutes and two hours. And you can even use the speed knob to control how fast it goes. Then we have the Crazy Cruiser. This roaming toy vibrates to move around on the floor like a bug would. It has a light-up feature and strings attached to encourage your cat to chase after it. It’s designed to keep moving even if it gets turned over.

Finally, the Spot Spin-Around Cat Toy is a two-in-one electronic feather teaser and ball toy. There’s the teaser wand, which spins around erratically to entice your cat to hunt, and the track base with a jingling ball inside for batting and chasing. The teaser wand is removable, so you can attach it to the base for your kitty to play on their own or hold it yourself for some fun bonding playtime. This toy runs on two AAA batteries, which aren’t included.

Electronic Cat Toys

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Harley and Lola found lots of ways to play with the Loco Motion — before we set it up, while we were setting it up, while it was turned off, and of course while it was turned on. They loved this toy. Lola also somewhat enjoyed the Spot Spin-Around Toy. They enjoyed playing with the fake mouse from the Pop N’ Play on its own. However, they did not enjoy the toy when it was turned on. Neither cat seemed very interested in the Crazy Cruiser.

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