Doggy Tales Harnesses and Leashes Review

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Editor's Review

Doggy Tales is a company that prides themselves on making high quality dog products, with a specific focus on comfort and safety. They implement this design philosophy in several ways. A padded mesh lining runs along the inside of their patented Hart Harness, allowing your pup to stay cool and have their hide breathe better than with the average harness. Their website also offers a convenient size chart, right on their product ordering page, for easy reference, and to make sure you get the perfect glove-like fit for your doggo. In terms of safety, they construct their harnesses with reflective piping, to help your dog stand out from eyeshot. Plus, they come in all sorts of great colors! The handles on both Hart Harnesses, and the step-in Harness leashes include reflective lining, high quality buckles, and ergonomic padding on the handle for human comfort. If you go leash-less, there is a handle on the back of the hart harness for easy and stable grip. We tried the Doggy Tale harnesses and leashes ourselves, and they were a big hit with dogs and owners alike. The bright colors, mixed with the licensed Realtree pattern, was very fashionable for frequent dog walkers like us. Most importantly, our pooches were visibly content and comfortable while harnessed up.

Doggy Tales Harnesses and Leashes

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This gear is great fun for dogs and owners alike. Owners will appreciate the safety measures, bright colors and ergonomic leashes, and dogs will enjoy the comfortable fit and breathable mesh on the harnesses.

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