Doggie Tail, Flying Duck Slingshot, and Grab Tabs Soccer Ball Dog Toys Review

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Editor's Review

Hyper Pet’s toys are putting an exciting twist on playtime with your pet.

Erratic movements and realistic sound effects make the Doggie Tail an engaging electronic toy for dogs that like to chase squirrels and rabbits. To get started, pull out the plastic arrow tab. The motion and sound is activated by your pet’s touch, so the more they play with it, the more the toy interacts with them. The outer plush cover looks and feels like real animal fur. It conceals the battery-powered ball on the inside. Owners can easily remove the cover to access the ball when they need to change the batteries, or turn the toy on and off. The safety strap and velcro help keep the cover in place while your dog plays.

If your dog loves chasing birds, the Flying Duck Slingshot is pretty close to the real thing. To launch the bungee-style duck, place your thumb in the pocket of its head, pull back the body, and release. The flying duck is lightweight and can reach as high as 40 feet. It also floats in water so it’s great for dogs that like to run, fetch, and swim.

The Grab Tabs Soccer Ball takes a classic soccer ball and makes it even more fun for dogs. The ball does not come already inflated and you’ll need to have your own air pump to get started. An air valve pin is included. This is a great way for owners to join in on the fun with their dogs. As you kick the ball around for them to chase after, the tabs make it easy for them to grab onto. This means they don’t need to sink their teeth into the actual ball and run the risk of puncturing it.

Doggie Tail, Flying Duck Slingshot, and Grab Tabs Soccer Ball Dog Toys

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Yes, these are innovative toys unlike any other and they encourage a lot of active play.

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