Dog and Cat Water Fountains Review

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Editor's Review

Each item comes with the fountain itself, a replaceable carbon filter, a replaceable foam filter, and instructions. The foam filter helps keep the water clean and free from pet hair, debris, and other particles while the carbon filter removes bad tastes from the water. A cable is also included to plug in the fountain and get it to start bubbling. Each fountain is sized for cats and small dogs.

The Seaside Stainless Fountain holds up to 60 oz. of water and requires a lot of water to start bubbling. It comes in a modern, simple design and silver steel color. The Creekside Ceramic Fountain also holds 60 oz. of water, with a plain white design that will match many homes’ decor. Both fountains allow the water to bubble over the top, rather than creating a free-falling stream, to soften the noise.

The DrinkWell Butterfly Fountain comes in a more noticeable bright blue color, and is slightly smaller, holding 50 oz. of water. There are two options for distributing the water. You can stick the butterfly topper in it to create four separate streams of water, or for a quieter option leave it out for the water to bubble over the top.

Dog and Cat Water Fountains

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They keep your pets hydrated and healthy. The motion of the water attracts animals and encourages them to drink, while the filter keeps the water clean and improves the taste.

The fountains produce minimal sound, so they won’t disturb you. They are no more disruptive or noisy than a typical water bowl.

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