Doc & Phoebe’s The Twirly Bird Snacker Review

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Editor's Review

The Twirly Bird Snacker is a sturdy plastic toy that’s made of a brown base and the blue toy component. Assembly is very easy, with the blue toy resting  loosely along the horizontal brown dowel, enabling your cat to spin the toy by batting at it. The toy incorporates real feathers for a more engaging play time. The toy also features holes where you can hide treats. Your cats can discover them by batting the toy and having the treat fall into the ridged base below. This all sounds good on paper, but how did it fare in practice?


TTPM Cats Lola and Harley took the Twirly Bird snacker out for a spin. Both cats loved this toy, even before we added treats to the mix. After adding treats? Forget about it. Meanwhile, we enjoyed how simple the toy was to assemble and set up. In the case of Lola and Harley, it qualifies as a set it and forget it type of toy.

Twirly Bird Snacker

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Should I get it?

This toy is great for cats who play gentle and are food motivated. Of course treats are optional, the toy is plenty entertaining without them.


  • Assembly is easy.
  • The plastic quality is high.
  • It incorporates holes and ridges for snacks to be added.
  • The toy rotates smoothly when batted. 


  • It’s a bit light weight, so bigger cats may knock it over more easily.

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