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Editor's Review

Furminator makes Undercoat De-shedding Tools for a variety of cats and dogs, including for small, medium, and large dogs with short or long hair, as well as small or medium/large cats with short or long hair. The teeth on this are designed to reach through the top coat, without damaging it, to de-shed the undercoat. The ergonomic handle makes it easy for you to grip as you are brushing. The fur ejector button allows you to press down to quickly release the fur that’s accumulated, rather than having to pull it all out of the brush.

The Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush has bristles that extend and retract with the push of a button. When you’re ready to brush your dog or cat, press down to push the bristles out. When you’re done, press it again and the bristles will go back into the brush. When the bristles are retracted, clean the brush by simply wiping the fur away.

The Paws and Pals Best in Show De-Shedder includes a stainless steel blade to get deep enough into your dog or cat’s undercoat to remove fur, while still remaining gentle enough that it will avoid skin irritation. The comfort grip is made to give you a good grasp on the brush without straining or fatiguing your hands. To use it, you angle the teeth in the same direction as your dog’s coat and brush using long, gentle strokes, stopping to remove hair from the teeth as needed.

The Pet Neat Grooming Brush has a really wide comb, which makes it ideal for bigger dogs. When you use it, it be sure to direct the teeth of the blade in the direction of the dog or cat’s coat, then gently comb over them to collect hair. The stainless steel blade includes a protective cover for your safety, while the sturdy non-slip handle is designed to not snap as you are pulling it through your pet’s undercoat. The 4-inch comb is also rust-resistant, to make for a brush that will last a long time.

Deshedding Grooming Tools

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The Furminator was a great tool for de-shedding both dogs and cats. Without being too sharp, the teeth still managed to take a lot of hair off. And the fur ejector button makes cleaning super-easy.

The Hertzko retracting bristles also make brush cleaning fast and painless. The ability to store the bristles when not in use also means you protect them from getting broken or bent and keep the brush in tact. It seemed to work better on dogs with long or thick hair, but didn’t do much for a dog with thinner hair.

When we used the Paws and Pals, it worked really well with the cats because they have short hair that the teeth were able to comb through with ease. However, it did not take nearly as much hair off of the dogs. It definitely went through their top coat but it was hard to tell whether it actually got to the undercoat.

Overall, the Pet Neat is a pretty straightforward, basic brush. Your success will really depend on the type of animal you use it on. It worked well to get a good amount of hair out of short-haired dogs and cats, but no so much on a longer-haired dog.

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