CozyUp Steps & Ramp Combo Review

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Editor's Review

These dog stairs are made of sturdy wood and carpeted treads for maximum traction. They’re very light when folded up, despite the hardy composition. You can either set up the product in the form of stairs or a ramp. For the ramp configuration, just set the support boards flat, and then the steps will be able to lay flat as well. There are two different height settings for the stars, giving you a couple options with how to set them up.

We tried out the Pet Stairs with TTPM Dogs Dex, Kenzie, and Jake. Dex is a spry pup of 3 years old, so he has an easy time jumping up to high places. Though once we got him used to the ramp, he started using it often. Although it is car compatible, Dex still liked to be picked up and placed in the car. We spoil him a little! Jake and Kenzie also gave this product a go. Kenzie took to it pretty well, but Jake is a bigger dog, so it was a tight fit for him. Also, we found that even the highest setting does not reach the trunk of larger SUVs, just something to consider, based on your current vehicle.

CozyUp Steps & Ramp Combo

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Old dogs or smaller dogs may not have the jumping power necessary to reach the car or the sofa. That’s where the PetSafe CozyUp Steps & Ramp Combo comes in!

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