Chuck It! Ultra Fetch Stick Review

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Editor's Review

The Ultra Fetch Stick follows a hearty line of dog toys from Chuckit!, including their ball and ring tosser. The stick is made of the same durable material as its ancestor toys, and, if you have the ring tosser, the stick is compatible with the thrower thanks to the textured surface. It’s ergonomically shaped to have carved lines along natural holding points, for having easy and effortless throwing form, and the bright colors make it easy to spot, and hard to lose. Plus, it floats on water!


The entire TTPM dog crew got a turn with the Ultra Fetch Stick. Lexi and Hope, being the big dogs, got most of the time in the sun. They were big chew monsters with this stick, but after tons of play, it looked none the worse for wear. They would often play tug of war with the stick, amusing themselves and taking turns. Even the little ones like Ollie got a turn. Maybe it’s the texture, but all the dogs loved to gnaw on this thing!

chuckit ultra fetch stick 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

At a low price point, this high quality dog toy is definitely worth picking up. It’s simple but effective, and will last you a good long while!


  • Its textured surface improves grip for human hands, dog teeth, or even the compatible Chuckit! ring toss tool.
  • The bright colors make it hard to lose.
  • It’s quite durable.
  • It floats on water.


  • None!

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