Chateau le Pup Plush Bottle Dog Toy Review

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Editor's Review

This charming bottle of Chateau le Pup is a plush with a velvety texture on the outside, and crinkly noise making material, fluff, and a squeaker on the inside. The decoration is very cute, with a metallic topper, lime green bottle, and a well detailed wine label with an exceptional French Bulldog. So, it’s got charm in spades, but does its bark exceed our dog’s bite?

TTPM Dogs Lexi and Piper tried out the Dog Bottle Plush. Lexi received it first and she loved it! As you can see, the rest of the world faded away as soon as she got ahold of this toy. She couldn’t get enough of the crinkling and squeaking features of this plush. Lexi is a moderately strong chewer, and after about 24 hours, we did notice a small hole in the bottle’s neck. Once Piper got her chompers on the plush, it was the beginning of the end. Within the 48 hour mark, all the fluff was out, and the squeaker was vanquished. Plush are such fleeting fun.

Chateau le Pup Plush Bottle Dog Toy

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It’s a total blast for most dogs, but the length of playtime will greatly vary.

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