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Editor's Review

From birdwatching, to basking in the sun, these EZ Mount perches can be the perfect spot for your cat’s favorite activities. They connect to windows using secure suction cups, which makes set-up super easy and requires practically no assembly.

We put three of them to the test with Lola and Winston: the Window Pod, the Kitty Sill, and the Kittyface Window Bed. The Window Pod creates an enclosed space where your cat can curl up and enjoy the scenery outside. It features an entry point on either side for cats to get in and out. There’s a soft removable cushion you can use to pad the bottom and keep your cat feeling extra cozy. It measures 20-inches high, 27-inches long, and 6-inches deep.

The Kittyface Window Bed provides your cat with a semi-enclosed lounging spot, featuring an open top for easy access and covered side. Plus, the cat shape and design make it an adorable piece of decor for your house. It measures 11-inches high, 27-inches long, and 6-inches deep. It also comes with the same removable soft cushion.

The Kitty Sill Window Mount is a completely open platform that’s easy for your cat to jump on and off. To set it up, stick the two bottom suction cups to your window. Then attach and tighten the two “Push and Turn” suction cups above the sill. These are connected to the sill with straps that keep it suspended in place. When not in use, it can fold flat against your window to save space, so it won’t interfere with curtains or blinds.

We definitely had some mixed experiences with these perches. Lola settled into her Kitty Sill right away and we could tell that it was her clear favorite. However, she definitely seemed less comfortable in the Kittyface bed and would only use it when we placed her inside of it…but never on her own. As for the Window Pod, none of our cats showed any interest in crawling inside, even when we tried to lure them with toys.

Cat Window Perches

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These perches conveniently use suction cups that make mounting them quick and easy, and they give your cat their own cozy spot to lounge, birdwatch, and more.

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