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Editor's Review

The Petstages Tower of Tracks arrives all in one piece, so no assembly was required, very convenient! UPSKY’s requires assembly, but it’s very minor. Both the Petstages Tower of Tracks and the UPSKY Cat Toy Roller have a similar idea in mind: a multi-levelled circular track with balls inside for cats to bat around. The impetus behind this new twist on a classic idea was to help accommodate households with multiple cats. Plus, safety measures were designed into the towers to prevent cats from getting stuck, such as the crossbar on top of the Petstages tower. Luckily, we have a couple wonderful cats here at TTPM by the names of Lola and Harley to test out the toys.

So how did they stack up? Lola took a liking to the Petstages Tower at first, but became distracted very easily. Harley preferred to watch from a distance, rather than join in. Lola was more interested in the UPSKY Cat Toy Roller for reasons we couldn’t quite determine! The big difference between the two products is the inclusion of bell balls with the UPSKY Cat Roller, but Lola did not like these very much. The Roller also has more decorative embellishments, such as the cat face on top, and the carved out triangles on the rims, so cats can see the ball from above. We can only speculate as to the reasons, but the data does not lie, Lola preferred the Cat Roller. Once again, Harley stuck to the sidelines. The difference in personality may explain Lola’s interest and Harley’s lack of interest, which is a shame, as these products are meant to allow cats to play together.

Cat Toy Towers

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These toys have the potential to be fun, but it can be a shot in the dark whether your cat or cats enjoy them. In our anecdotal experience, cats with different personalities do not play that well together with the towers. As a solo cat toy, they were somewhat more successful, but not game-changing.

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