Cardboard Boxes for Cats (April Fool’s) Review

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Editor's Review

First off is a classic shoe box from Nike. If you don’t have one of these at home another sneaker brand will do. Just make sure you have some paper in those box. Your cat will kiss their crinkle toys goodbye once they discover the excitement of ripping apart the paper.

Does your cat love fast-moving interactive toys? What about feathers or catnip? Well, this long box has literally none of those things, so of course Harley and Lola loved it! It’s so easy to use, just leave it out on your floor and watch as your cats spend hours figuring out how to amuse themselves.

This Chewy box is perfect for the pet parents that love to spoil their kitties. First, order plenty of their favorite toys. Next, open up the package and give the toys to your cat. Finally, be to leave the box out somewhere accessible so your cat can easily play inside of it while ignoring their brand new toys.

Sadly not every box can be a winner in our cats’ eyes. That was the case with this small rectangular box. This one will probably be going to the recycling bin soon, while Harley and Lola will be going back to the long box.

Cardboard Boxes for Cats (April Fool’s)

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These are just plain old cardboard boxes; they don’t move, make noise, smell like catnip, or include any of the other features of an exciting cat toy. And yet, Harley and Lola could have played with them for hours, especially the long box.

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