Car Seat Covers for Dogs Review

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Editor's Review

These car seat covers can be found on Amazon from manufacturers Lesure, Petting Pal, and Stalex.

The Lesure is for the backseat or trunk of your car, with adjustable loops that fit over the headrest. The underside uses PVC mesh to keep the cover from slipping around. There are also seat anchors attached that you can tuck into the crevices of your car seats to keep the cover in place. You’ll find zippered openings that you can use to access the seatbelt buckles. It includes a storage pocket that can be attached between the front headrests, as well as a dog seatbelt. It’s made from water-resistant material and if it gets dirty, you can easily wash it by scrubbing with a damp towel.

Next, we have the Petting Pal Seat Cover. This is similar to the Lesure one in a lot of ways; it’s got water resistant material, non-slip bottom, seat anchors, seat belt openings, and attaches to your car with adjustable handles that loop over the headrests. One nice touch is that there are pockets actually sewn onto the cover, which provide storage for treats, toys, and any other travel essentials. This can be cleaned with a damp cloth or vacuum, but conveniently is also washing machine-safe.

Finally, there’s the Stalex cover. The idea here is pretty much the same as the first two; you install it by placing the loops over the headrests and tucking in the seat anchors. You also get a dog seatbelt, which you can fasten by opening up the Velcro seat buckle openings — this is great for safe traveling, as is the mesh panel that faces the front of the car, which offers your dog a view of you from the backseat but keeps them from getting into the front while you’re driving. It’s made with five layers of protection from moisture and pet hair, anti-slip bottom, and is machine washable.

Car Seat Covers for Dogs

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We like that these seat covers can be used multiple ways — whether hammock-style to allow your dog to spread out in the backseat, as a cargo liner for the trunk, or with the bottom flap folded down so both human and dog passengers can sit on it. They work well at preventing car seats or floors from getting dirty while traveling with your dog.

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