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Editor's Review

The Bergan Cat Carrier is like the perfect marriage of the two schools of cat carriers: soft and light, vs stiff and heavy. The Bergan Cat Carrier marries a light weight with sturdy materials, all reinforced in the right places. Like fabric carriers, it folds up when not in use, but once unfolded, it retains its shape as well as a hard carrier.

A few unique design elements shine through on this carrier. One is the panoramic viewing window, to allow your cat a maximum field of view on one side. If they prefer, they can chill near the more traditional mesh end of the carrier. Mesh surfaces adorn this bag on all sides, which not only helps circulate air, but allows sight lines for your cat to make them feel less cramped. A small pocket unzips to allow you to sneak a small treat or give a quick scratch in case they get nervous. In terms of loading, you can try to lure your cat in through a side entrance, or through a much appreciated top flap. Lastly, the zippers on both ends snap together, preventing would-be escape artists from springing out. It’s these small details that set the Bergan Cat Carrier apart, in a good way.

TTPM Cat Sansa and Pickles tried out the Bergan Cat Carrier. After trying both loading styles, we had much more luck with the top method, although we appreciated the options. Pickles fit very comfortably inside the carrier, but Sansa, being 16 pounds, was just 1 pound over the recommended weight limit. Even if she was light enough however, it was ever so slightly snug for her. Still, for quick runs to the vet, it will definitely do the trick. Ultimately, this carrier is ideal for medium to small cats.

Bergan Cat Carrier

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The abundant sightlines, petting pocket, and mesh maximize cat comfort, while the locking zippers, light weight, and sturdy frame ensure convenience for the owner.

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