Bark Box Series 4 Review

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Editor's Review

Inside our April Super Chewer Bark Box were two farm themed toys, the ‘Corn to Run’ and the ‘Mad Cow’. The corn is somewhat self explanatory in the looks department, but the textured cob is made of a durable rubber, and the husk is corduroy fabric. It has an internal squeaker as well. The mad cow is one of Bark Box’s famous ‘2 layer toys’, with the outer fabric layer resembling a cow. The inner layer contains a very durable, heavy milk bottle shaped squeaker toy. 


TTPM dog (and very special boy) Dex got to try out these Bark Box toys. Dex is a tough chewer, but these toys held up to his dental onslaught. Dex’s attention was held intently while playing with the Mad Cow, as he was determined to tear all the fabric off. It gave him a way to channel his destructive impulses in a healthy way. As a testament to the milk bottle’s durability, even big Dex had a hard time squeaking it! The corn toy was great for fetch, due to its shape offering an erratic bounce. Also, the fabric offered a nice handle for tug of war. Both toys do require supervision though, due to the fabric elements and the potential for ingestion.

Bark Box April 2023

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Should I get it?

The super chewer boxes have consistently delivered on quality, and this one is no different. So long as you keep an eye on your pup with this month’s toys, the box is well worth picking up.


  •  They both offer a variety of textures.
  • They’re extremely durable.
  • They both have squeakers.
  • Corn to Run toy’s shape also makes it ideal for fetch and tug of war. 


  • Both toys will require some supervision due to the fabric elements.

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