2023 Barkbox Series 2 Review

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Editor's Review

Inside this month’s Bark Box, we received the Love at First Sloth and Treat Your Heart Out Toys. The Sloth is a durable squeaky chew toy with a fabric outer layer that is intended for destruction. Once the outer fabric layer is gone, the inner toy makes for an excellent outside toy. The Heart is an extremely durable rubber heart with molded channels inside, meant to house soft treats such as cream cheese or peanut butter. Thankfully, this toy is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning!


TTPM Dog Dex got to try out these lovey-dovey dog toys. Dex was a big fan of both the Sloth and the Heart. Being the chew monster that he is, Dex enjoyed destroying the outer layer of the Sloth, and kept gnawing even after, enticed by the squeak. We decided to be creative and place solid treats inside the Heart. Not only did this entertain Dex for a long while, but he kept chewing on the Heart even after the treats were long gone. Both toys are very sturdy, and we should know. Dex is the great equalizer of dog toys, destroying most of them in no time flat. Yet here they remain!

Barb Box Series 2 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

Highly durable and good at what they do, the toys in this Bark Box are exceptional. We highly recommend them!


  • The Love at First Sloth offers multiple sensory experiences, from several textures, to a sounds element in the squeaker.
  • The Treat Your Heart out toy is well-molded to hide soft treats, and can also take solid ones if they fit.
  • The Heart is also dishwasher safe.
  • Last and most importantly, both toys are extremely durable.


  • None!

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