2023 Bark Box Series 3 Review

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Editor's Review

This month’s Bark Box came with two new toys, the Great Furrier Reef and Angela the Anglerfish. The Great Furrier Reef resembles a colorful, felty plush of a coral reef, with a round body and soft appendages. The secret to this toy is that the soft outer layer is designed to be destroyed, revealing a textural ball underneath. This ball can be stuffed with treats for extra engagement, and is quite durable. Angela the Anglerfish is a flat nylon chew toy, shaped like an anglerfish and with multiple different textures all over. The molded textures are prime areas upon which to spread soft treats like peanut butter or cream cheese. 


TTPM dog Dex was the lucky pup who got to try out these toys. Fans of the channel will know just how hard Dex likes to chew, and we were pleased to find that not only did both toys hold up exceptionally well, but even the fabric layer of the Great Furrier Reef gave Dex some trouble! Of course, if your dog is prone to eating just about anything, we recommend some supervision during the fabric tearing stage. Dex loved to chew on Angela the Anglerfish, even without treats. The sturdy nylon composition was perfect for him.

Series 3 Barkbox 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

Yes! These toys are top notch for big-league chewers. The extremely durable material will ensure that these toys last a while, and the play features (textures, holes to hide treats) add an extra layer of fun.


  • Everything here is super durable, from the base toys themselves, and event he outer fabric layer of the Reef.
  • The inner Reef ball has hols to hide treats.
  • The textures on the Anglerfish are great for spreading soft treats.
  • The anglerfish is nylon, so it can be sanded down in the event that it gets chewed down to being sharp.


  • You may need to supervise play while the Furrier Reef still has its outer layer, if your dog isn’t discerning about what it eats.

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