2022 Holiday Themed Bark Box Review

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Editor's Review

The Box comes with a host of treats, as per usual, but we’ll be focussing on the toys. This box contains 4 toys: a Gingerball man, Christmas Tree, Gummy Chums, and a Puppermint Candy Cane. The Gingerball man has a fabric layer intended for destruction, and has a heavy and sturdy squeaker toy within. The Gummy Chums is a durable toy that you can stuff treats inside for extra motivational play. It’s also dishwasher safe! The Christmas tree can also be stuffed with treats, and has textured surfaces and a hearty constitution for strong chewers. Lastly, the Puppermint candy cane is heavy, durable, and scented, to improve your dog’s breath.

TTPM dog Dex was the lucky pup who got these presents. Dex’s attention was held very strongly by the Christmas Tree and Gummy Chums, especially with treats inside. He also loved the destructive action and noisemaking of the Gingerball man, and the firmness of the candy cane. The candy cane can get pointy through chewing, so if that happens, be sure to file it down.

BarkBox Holiday 2022

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In our experience, the Box was well worth it. It’s hard to find good toys for Dex, since he goes through them so quickly. He enjoyed these toys a lot, and he’s still getting use out of them after hours upon hours, which is a testament to their durability.


  • The toys offer varied experiences, from textures, to safe destructible components, and even treat puzzles.
  • The Gummy Chum is dishwasher safe.
  • The Gingerball man squeaks.
  • We were pleased with the resilience of these toys. Dex chews hard, but these toys held up pretty well.


The Candy cane may require slight supervision, as it can accidentally end up sharp through chewing.

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