100% Pure Wool Cat Mat Review

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Editor's Review

The Wool Cat Mat is as elegantly simple as it sounds. This circular 16 inch diameter mat is made from 100% natural wool. It is not artificially colored, and has a very light cream hue, so we can’t deny the charmingly humorous comparison to a tortilla. Due to its composition, it’s highly recommended that you hand wash it exclusively, and if you have biodegradable soap, all the better. Sonoma Wool company asserts on their product site that they can make a custom size if 16 inches doesn’t cut the mustard. 

TTPM Cats Harley and Lola tried out the Wool Cat Mat. At first, neither of them knew quite what to think, but after 2-3 days, they were both taking turns napping on the mat. The mat keeps hair off surfaces while letting the cats lounge as they wish. Win-win!

Wool Cat Mat

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This mat is handy for minimizing cat hair transfer onto your furniture and cushions, assuming your cat has a favorite spot.


  • It’s soft to the touch, biodegradable and even safe to ingest, thanks to its 100% wool composition.
  • It’s hand-washable.
  • It can be easily moved to accommodate your cat’s location preferences.


  • 16 inches in diameter may be small for some cats.

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