Door Buddy: Door Strap & Door Stop Review (Ultaca)

Door Buddy: Door Strap & Door Stop
What It Is

The Door Buddy works similarly to a chain latch, however, it's far more convenient. For one, installation is a breeze. No tools are required; just unstick the seal from the adhesive backing, and install in any one of four recommended ways. The Door Buddy's belt tether is made of a durable material, the length of which can be adjusted with the sliding buckle. If you want to keep babies and dogs out, but let cats through, you can adjust the length of the belt to perfectly suit your needs. This is ideal for installing on the door to a room with a cat's litter box, giving them privacy, and you peace of mind. If you need to get in, just unhook the Door Buddy and walk in, it's that simple.

TTPM Dogs Lexi and Piper, as well as Cat Lola, tested their mettle with the Door Buddy. Try as they might, neither Lexi, nor the much smaller Piper, could get through the door where the Door Buddy was installed. Piper has always had a bad habit of getting into the cat's box, so this is exactly what we've needed. Lola, of course, is able to get through just fine. The other nice thing is that this accomplishes what expensive baby or dog gates do, but in lieu of creating an inconvenient barrier for you or your cats. It's more affordable, and more convenient!

Why Is It Useful?

The Door Buddy offers the same preventative protection as a full pet gate, but is much easier to navigate around if you're the owner. It's also more affordable than most full barriers.

Who It’s For

The Door Buddy is perfect for households with mixed cats and dogs, or households with babies who need to be kept out of certain rooms.

What To Be Aware Of

- Two methods of installation are weaker and the other two are stronger. Read the instructions carefully and determine the correct orientation for you before installing.

- Make sure to install the Door Buddy high, so no one can unhook it who shouldn't be allowed.

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