Enrichment Hard Dog Toys Review (SodaPup)

Enrichment Hard Dog Toys
What It Is

The Starfish and Butterfly are both made of a durable, non-toxic and FDA approved nylon material, and are veterinarian approved, according to SodaPup's website. Each toy has divots in which to spread soft foods, like cream cheese or peanut butter, whatever your dog loves most as a treat. The butterfly has longer, shallower divots while the starfish has narrow, deeper holes, offering a slightly greater challenge. Testing these out on our dogs, we found that they were excellent distractions. They were highly motivated to get all the food out of the toy, and were occupied with this activity for long periods of time. We can confirm that they're great for relieving boredom. These toys also promote clean teeth and fresh breath. Although the starfish in particular is made for aggressive chewers, no chewer is more destructive than our lovely Dex. Dex put the starfish to the test and managed to put some dents in it after a few hours of play. No toy is indestructible, so it's a good idea to take the toy away once the food is all gone, and especially if you notice heavy wear.

Is It Fun?

Dogs have a lot of fun licking this toy to get all the food out. Heavy chewers will enjoy these as well.

Who It’s For

These SodaPup Enrichment hard toys are ideal for dogs who are nervous or mildly destructive chewers. They are designed for dogs between 15-80 pounds, according to SodaPup's website.

What To Be Aware Of

- While these products are for heavy chewers, supervision is still required. Take the toy away if you start to notice heavy wear and tear. As a general rule, when the food is gone, it's a good time to take it away.

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