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Editor's Review

The YBike will come disassembled, so be prepared to do some building, with a wrench at bare minimum. The directions weren’t the clearest in terms of imagery, and at times tightening bolts can be tough due to clearance. Go slow and steady, it’ll be worth it, since the final construction is very sturdy.


The Leap YBike can be ridden in one of two ways, by sitting in a reclined position and steering with your feet, or by kneeling on your knees and steering with your hands. Either way, shifting back and fourth causes the bike to move forward. It can’t reach top speed as quick as a standard bike, nor does it have as high a top speed, but what makes the Ybike Leap special is its drifting capability. The swiveling back wheels underneath the seat allow for very smooth drifting turns, which may take some getting used to. If you want to simply change direction without drifting,  wider turning is better, but once you get used to it, drifting and repositioning will become more second nature.  Our play tester, despite being a couple years outside of the 4-9 age range, was all too happy to take the Leap Ybike for a spin. The bike supports up to 165 pounds of weight, so despite his height, he could still try it out. In summary, the YBike Leap is great for younger kids to ride in flatter areas without many hills and as an alternative to a standard bike.

YBike Leap

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The Ybike Leap is a nice alternative for kids in the 4-9 age range who might like an alternative to a classic bicycle to ride on occasion. The drifting and unique way of riding offer a novel experience.


  • It has very unique handling compared to other riding toys.
  • It has a very hearty construction, being able to handle up to 165 pounds.
  • It can easily get going even on flat ground. 


  • The build process is slightly taxing.
  • The learning curve can be steep when it comes to precise turning.

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