X-Men Epic Hero Series Figures, Epic Hero Series X-Jet, and Titan Hero Series Figures Review

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Editor's Review

This series of toys is based on the all new animated show X-Men 97, which picks up the story of the old 90’s X-Men Cartoon with the killer ear-worm opening theme. They better bring it back is all we’re saying!


First off, let’s look at the Epic Hero Series. These figures are roughly 4 inches tall and have nice sculpts. The 90’s era buckles, straps, and windswept hair do’s are all very well defined, as are their musculature. What is less precisely executed, at least on our copies, is the paint. Most of the time, it’s clean and well done, but there are some areas of fuzziness or paint scuffing. Nothing that will keep a kiddo up at night, but collectors may take notice. For such small figures, they have a decent amount of poseability, with articulation at the head, shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees. You won’t be able to pull off every pose you can dream of like with the 6” Marvel Legends line, but you can definitely get some work done. Helping this are the energy effect accessories that come with each figure, which highlight the unique powers of each mutant. 


The first thing that stands out about the X Jet is the very uniquely shaped box, props there! A little bit of assembly is necessary out of the box, but it’s super simple. Included with the X-Jet is Storm, rocking her mohawk and white suit. Her sculpt is great just like the rest of the line, and she includes lightning effect parts, as she should. The X-Jet has more features than you might assume! It comes with two missiles which can fire from triggers in the turbines, there is a hinged cockpit where a figure can ride, a fold-up handle in the back for stand-up riding, and even a hero swing, as the box calls it, which is attached via a ball and socket, allowing it nice range of movement. The molded detail on the X-Jet is excellent, covered in mechanical detailing and panel lines. Not much paint to speak of, but in this case, it’s fine. No paint means no paint chipping.


Last up, let’s take a look at the Titan Hero Series. These figures are 12 inch scale, but of course the Sentinel is noticeably taller than Wolverine. Articulation and sculpt are much simpler on these figures, with limited movement in the head shoulders, and hips. The lack of fine detailing is ok though, as they look even closer to the cartoon than the Epic Hero Series figures do. Unfortunately some paint fuzziness does persist here, but not much. The highlight of the Titan Series are their scale and durability; take these guys outside to play! Meanwhile, if you’re looking for scene setting and pretend play, you should check out the Epic Hero Series.

X-Men X-Jet Epic Hero Series

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Should I get it?

The Epic Hero Series figures are a great line of figures for young kids who love superheroes or pretend play, and superheroes don’t get much better than the X-Men! The Titan Hero Series are also a good option, but might be a better fit for kids who bring their toys outside on adventures of their own.


  • Both the Epic and Titan series figures have nice sculpts which harken back to the animation.
  • The Epic Series has good articulation and they come with accessories.
  • The Titan Series are nice and sturdy and have a stronger presence in terms of scale.
  • The X-Jet takes away the gold medal here with its numerous play features and inclusion of a Storm figure. 


  • Limited poseability on the Titan series.
  • Some paint errors across a few of the figures.

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