Vigor 16 Dog Toy Review

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Editor's Review

The Vigor 16 is a rubber toy with two small handles on either end. The body is a series of balls connected via thinner segments. As such the Vigor 16 has great flexibility. The handles provide a good grip for your dog and the flex makes it engaging to shake. It’s a weighty toy at 22oz or about one and a third pounds. The aim of the toy is to help tucker out your pup with fun but exerting play.

TTPM dog Lexi tried out the Vigor 16. At first she wasn’t sure what to make of it, but after a week, she started going to play with it periodically. Lexi has been known to shake toys around in her mouth, but she didn’t do so with the Vigor 16. She did enjoy some light chewing, although the toy wasn’t made for chewing. Assuming your dog does use it as intended, remove the toy once playtime has concluded. What she really loves to do is roll on it. The balls make for a fun surface upon which to flop. Piper is a little small for the toy, so she didn’t have much interest.

Vigor 16 Dog Toy

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Dogs can have fun, and it has considerable utility for owners (calm dogs make happy homes!) The Vigor 16 can also have unexpected fun factors, such as an interesting surface to roll on!

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