Uah Pet Fluffy-1 High-Velocity Dog Hair Dryer Review

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Editor's Review

The Fluffy-1 has two big advantages over standard hair dryers and traditional pet dryers: weight, and size. The Fluffy-1 is extremely compact, making it easy to take with you just about anywhere. It’s also incredibly light. In fact, it’s about as light as a small standard handheld hair dryer. It has three speed settings for the air, a manual temperature control, and a smart temperature control, which aims to keep the heat at a comfortable 102 Fahrenheit, or 38.9 Celsius. It’s also more quiet compared to other products on the market. Lastly, it comes with three interchangeable heads. The Fluffy-1 has everything going for it!

TTPM Dogs Piper, Lola, and Ollie tested out the Fluffy-1 Hair Dryer. Lola and Piper were a little spooked by the blowing air, but they did not mind the noise at all! The noise is low enough to where conversation is still possible, so it’s unlikely your dog will be bothered by the Fluffy-1’s noise. Ollie loved it! He didn’t mind the air or noise at all. Since Ollie has longer hair, the Fluffy-1 is a super convenient tool to have.

Uah Pet Fluffy-1 High-Velocity Dog Hair Dryer

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This pet hair dryer is probably the most convenient model out there right now. If you find yourself needing a pet dryer often, definitely grab one!


  • It’s lightweight and portable
  • It has air temperature and speed control
  • It’s relatively quiet
  • You get three interchangeable heads


  • None!

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