Toppl Treat Dispensing Dog Toy Review

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Editor's Review

The West Paw Toppl is a rounded toy with one large opening on top, and two smaller ones on the side. It’s designed to receive and hold treats inside until it is nudged or otherwise moved in some way. The toy actually comes in two sizes, small and large. The small and the large versions can be combined to make an even more challenging toy. What’s more, the Toppl also works with smooth, spreadable foods like peanut butter, or with frozen wet food for an extra long playtime. After your dog is done, the Toppl is dishwasher safe.

TTPM Dogs George, Lexi, and Piper tried out the West Paw Toppl. George and Lexi had very similar experiences, they both loved the Toppl! Even when the treats were gone, they liked to carry it around, and fidget with it anyway. Lexi’s favorite thing in the whole world is peanut butter, so she was on cloud 9 while playing with the Toppl. Piper also enjoyed the Toppl, but wasn’t quite as transfixed as Lexi was. No problem, more for Lexi! Thanks to West Paw’s proprietary material Zogoflex, even after considerable playtime, we did not observe any meaningful damage to the toy.

Toppl Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

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The Toppl is tons of fun for dogs and humans alike. Set up is easy, clean up is even easier, and play is rewarding!

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