The Jolly Dipper Blue Ball Review

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Editor's Review

The Jolly Dipper is a spherical chew toy made of a flexible yet strong material. The exterior has bumps on both polar ends to help massage the gums when your dog is chewing, and provide an erratic bounce when tossed during fetch. The interior is hollowed out so you can put a semi adherent treat inside, like peanut butter, cream cheese, or some such food. The inside of the cavity has a special design that spreads the treat out the more your dog licks. As a bonus, it floats!


TTPM dog Dex gave this toy a good gnawing, and we were pleased with the results! Dex really gave this toy his full attention, and he’d still be playing with the toy even when the treat was gone, or we’d come back from our daily errands. He enjoyed playing fetch due to the dynamic bounce. One thing of note, it is durable for sure, but perhaps a little flexible for a chewer as aggressive as Dex.

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Should I get it?

This is a great multi-purpose toy for pretty much any dog. If your dog is a particularly aggressive chewer, occasional supervision wouldn’t hurt, but otherwise, we highly recommend it, no strings attached!


  • It’s flexible, yet sturdy.
  • It’s very smartly molded for optimal play features.
  • It has a good bounce.
  • The interior is hollowed out for treat-hiding.
  • It floats on water.


  • While it is durable for most pups, it may not last quite as long with a super aggressive chewer.

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