Switch & Go Hatch & Roaaar Egg Velociraptor Racer and Wolf Fire Chief Review

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Editor's Review

Get ready to race, roar, and transform with Switch & Go toys. The Velociraptor Racer hatches from an egg, while the Wolf Fire Chief goes from wolf to fire vehicle. 

While the Velociraptor is still in its egg, you can press the gray button to hear sound effects and watch the egg light up. Open the egg to find 15 pieces that need to be assembled into the dinosaur. In dino mode, this action figure still makes dino sound effects when the button is pressed. Follow a few simple steps to transform the dinosaur into a racecar, and make sure to switch the toy to vehicle mode so that you hear engine sound effects and see flashing lights when the button is pressed. One AAA battery is included.

The Wolf Fire Chief comes already assembled as a wolf action figure. Pressing the blue button on its back activates sound effects, phrases, and lights. But follow the instructions to transform the wolf into a fire vehicle, which will play car sounds and more phrases when you push the button. This one has a transformation button that will automatically pop the vehicle back into wolf mode for a very easy transformation. This toy has two levels of volume and comes with one AAA battery. 

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Both of these two-in-one toys will be really fun for kids who like vehicle play and fierce animals. We like how easy it is to transform the wolf into a car and back again, and we wish the dinosaur had been just as easy. But the lights and sounds on both toys bring the play to life and enhance kids’ imaginative stories.


2-in-1 feature
Transformations take just a few steps
Sound effects and lights enhance the play
Inspire imaginative play


Dinosaur has to be assembled first
Dino transformation feature isn’t as easy as the wolf

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