Verses – Perfect Songs, Petty Moments Review

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Editor's Review

Verses is a game for 3 to 6 players. To start, everyone receives 8 black song cards and a guitar pick. The first player draws a white moment card and reads it aloud. The remaining players select a black song card that they think best fits the moment, and then place it face down on the table. Once everyone plays their cards, the cards are mixed up and then flipped. All players can now vote for their favorite card response using their guitar picks. Whichever card gets the most votes, wins! Unlike in other games, you cannot vote for your own answer in Verses. If a tie occurs, a trivia lightning round between the two players occurs. The drawing player draws a random song card, reading it aloud, and then whoever guesses the year closest will break the tie. The first player to 5 cards wins the game. Verses may be a simple game mechanically, but it has a wealth of moment and song cards, so there is plenty of replay value. It’ll fill a “shorter game” niche in your collection quite well.

Take note, while none of the irreverently humorous moment cards are starkly inappropriate, there are a few that deal with slightly more mature themes, so feel free to go through and pre-screen cards based on your player composition if desired. It’s more fun when everyone can relate to the moment cards! 


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Versus is a great game for breaking out when you feel like playing a party game, but are concerned about time. Rounds last a short duration, but bring the fun regardless. We recommend it.


  • It’s simple to understand, and thus start playing immediately.
  • It hits the “short game” sweet spot of 15 minutes.
  • There are plenty of moments and song cards, so each round will be different. 


  • Some might find the game a little too simple.
  • A handful of cards might be outside the scope of younger players to relate to.

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