Marvel Spidey and His Amazing Friends Iron Man’s Stark Tower, 4-inch Figure, Panther Patroller, Iron Man, and Spidey Playground Review

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Editor's Review

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man’s neighborhood expands with brand new Marvel Spidey and His Amazing Friends figures and playsets. Start small by adding more four-inch figures to your collection. Characters include Black Panther, and each figure is poseable. 

Black Panther can also be collected along with his Panther Patroller. This vehicle has a claw capture feature, and the claw can be removed for the Black Panther figure to hold. (Just be careful because the claw easily falls off of the vehicle.)

Iron Man is another one of Spidey’s friends, and kids can collect this character with the Iron Man set. It includes a poseable four-inch figure and a motorcycle for the figure to ride. 

For more Iron Man play, there’s Iron Man’s Stark Tower. This 11.5-inch playset unfolds to reveal multiple interactive areas. There’s a moveable elevator platform, web traps, a Doc Ock swivel door, a web door, and a moveable claw. This comes with a poseable four-inch Iron Man figure. Adult assembly is required.

And kids can hang out with Spidey in the Spidey Playground. Along with a four-inch Spidey figure, this 11.5-inch tall playset comes with a large rotating web, a slide, a flip-up web, a web jail, tree platforms, and a flip-down solar panel. Adult assembly is required.


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These new Spidey toys will be lots of fun for fans of the TV show. The toys allow kids to add more characters and scenes to their play, which goes a long way in inspiring kids’ imaginations.


Adds more characters & scenes to the play
Inspires imaginative play



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