Hot Wheels City Pizza Slam Cobra Attack Review

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Editor's Review

Be prepared to do some assembly out of the box. It’s not a lot, but it is surprisingly complex, so just look for the handy letter indicators on the bottom of each part and soon, you’ll be as golden as baked cheese. Once the stickers are applied, you’ll be left with a very chaotic looking scene: a giant cobra ensnaring the city pizza parlor, and getting cheese everywhere! The mixture of yellow and orange track parts is visually confusing, but this is actually a good thing, since it keeps the mystery alive for its main feature: multi-track switching! Load the included hot wheels police speeder into the blue starting area, then press the launch button. Your car will go one of three ways.

Path one: make the roundabout and try to jump through the cobra’s mouth to safety. Heads up, it’s hard to escape!

Path two, the track that you pushed into place on path one now brings you through the cheese spiral, out the snake’s mouth and safely onto the street below. You’ve avoided disaster, but the fiend is still causing trouble.

Now for path three! If you can get lucky with the first track and the second, you’ll be siphoned through the pizza parlor itself, launching the pizza pie and smacking the cobra on the noodle, knocking it out. You’ve bested the beast!

The track is actually quite complex for its size, yet easy to reset and launch again and again. The gimmick reminds us of the T-Rex Chompdown, which we were huge fans of, only now there’s even more going on! Much like other Hot Wheels City sets, connector ends are present to expand your track with other parts and playsets( sold separately).

Pizza Slam Cobra Attack

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Despite the modest size, there’s a lot going on here mechanically that will keep children entertained and interested for a long time. The multiple pathways and “simulated randomness”, combined with the easy reset, make this a toy with high replay value! We recommend it.


  • It comes with a Hot Wheels car.
  • Assembly doesn’t take too long.
  • The details in the set are quirky and ridiculous in the best way.
  • The track switching gimmick works great. It offers a lot of complexity with the simplest of setup, so it’s easy to have fun again and again.
  • You can connect other Hot Wheels City sets that you might have. 


  • None!

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