The Donut Challenge Review

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Editor's Review

Are you ready to play an a-glaze-ing family party game? Put yourself to the test with The Donut Challenge. Inside the donut box, you’ll find ingredients: two donuts, a giant inflatable donut, two donut balls, and two coffee cups. You’ll also find 105 challenge cards. Some challenges can be played solo, cooperatively, or head-to-head. The object of the game is to collect all four ingredient cards by successfully completing challenges that use the ingredients. For instance, you might have to roll an upright donut as far as you can, toss and catch the giant donut hole, or toss the giant donut so it rings the coffee cup. So basically, when it’s your turn, draw a challenge card, use the ingredients to perform the challenge, and if you’re successful, you get to pick any one ingredient card used in the challenge. 

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Learning how to play this game is easy, but some of the challenges are, well, challenging. But they’re also really silly and funny because they utilize pretend donuts and coffee cups. If you’re family loves donuts, then you’ll love getting active and competitive with this donut-themed game.


Pretend donut props
Easy to learn how to play
105 challenges
Challenges get players active



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