Spider-Man Web Splashers Crawl N’ Blast Spider, Miles Morales Figure and Peter Parker Figure Review

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Editor's Review

Let’s start small and check out these very good boys. The Miles and Peter Web Splashers toys differ in sculpt and paint, but otherwise share a lot of similarities. Their optional armor attaches in the same way, and both can be filled up with water. A full backpack will get you 3-4 shots from the web splasher canon. The most impressive aspect of these figures is the molded in detail, which covers every surface of the armor. There is just enough paint here to complete each web-slinger’s iconic appearance, with some slight tweaks. Each figure has modest articulation in the head, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. It’s not super dynamic, but admittedly, it’s more than we expected.


The Crawl N’ Blast Spider requires very minor assembly out of the box, and it couldn’t be easier! Included with the spider is a unique Peter Parker Spider-Man with bright light blue accents. Sit him in the cockpit and secure him with the handle that he can grip. The wheels underneath the Spider activate the mechanical legs when rolled. The effect is suuuper cool and makes the Spider very addicting to roll around. Remove the spider head and fill it with water via the plug on the bottom. A full tank gets you a LOT of shots when you press the fire button. We lost count around 100 or so. Needless to say, you won’t need to refill in a while! And in case you do for some reason run out, there are two missiles you can fire a…somewhat short distance. Just like the other Web Splashers figures, the spider is covered in mechanical detail that helps bring it to life.

Spider-Man Web Splashers crawl n' blast

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We recommend these figures for any young Spider-fan. The Web Splashers figures are fun and cool fidget toys for taking outside, or for pretend play at home. The Crawl N’ Blast Spider is particularly neat, with high water capacity and crawling leg action!


  • The paint and sculpt work are both clean.
  • The water blasting features work well.
  • The Crawl N’ Blast Spider has a super cool leg movement mechanic and very large water reservoir for blasting. 


  • The limited articulation and low water capacity of the figures.
  • Missiles on the spider do not fire very far.

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