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Editor's Review

Everyone knows that the best part of fashion dolls are the fashions! Style Bae dolls are making it even easier to change up your fashion doll’s look because these new dolls use reusable sticker fashions. There are four dolls to choose from (including Harper and Kiki), and each doll comes with more than 15 styling accessories that can be mixed and matched for more than 850 looks.

While the dolls’ heads look like traditional fashion doll heads, their bodies are flat so that you can stick on shirts, skirts, jackets, shoes, jewelry, and more. Kiki’s style is K-Pop Princess, while Harper is more streetwear queen. Each doll’s seven complete outfits are stuck to outfit cards that are hung from an outfit rack. (Some assembly of that is required.) And the sticker tool helps you lift stickers from the outfit cards and smooth them onto the doll’s body. The dolls include a doll stand, too. 

You do need to care for your reusable stickers because they may get dirty and need to be cleaned with transparent tape.

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Let’s be honest. Sometimes dressing and undressing a fashion doll is hard! This cool new doll line makes it easier for young fashionistas to create different fashion looks. Kids will have fun mixing and matching the outfit pieces. This will definitely inspire imaginative play.


4 dolls to collect
15 accessories and 7 complete outfits
Stickers are reusable
Imaginative play


Stickers can get dirty and need cleaning

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