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The Natural Fur Pom Teaser from the company Tues Tamer is handmade natural wooden birch rod, measuring 23 inches, with a string attached to a soft plush fur toy on the end. The rod stores as two separate pieces and can be reassembled when it’s time to play. The string is very stretchy, so when your cat lets go of the toy, it quickly pulls away for your cat to chase after it. This is nice feature that will keep them engaged; however, the string can get knotted up easily which is a little inconvenient.

From PURRfect Cat Toys, the Go-Fur-It Cat Toy is a 32-inch plastic wand with a reinforced spring cable and a fur toy on the end with colorful feathers. If your cat is a hunter, this toy will do the trick for them. The fur toy on the end has multicolored feathers sticking out of it and sort of resembles a mouse. The coiled string will keep cats engaged — when it recoils, it will add to the teasing element of this toy and keep them swatting at it. The long handle and string gives them a longer distance to run and chase.

If your cat is big on hunting toys, you’ll want to check out the Cat Teaser from EcoCity. Here you get a wand that measures about 24 inches, with a string that measures about 30 inches. The wand has a blue grip that makes it easy to hold. Also included are a pack of four feathers in red, light blue, purple, and dark blue. You attach one of the feathers onto the end of the string and the rest are backups in case the feather gets damaged. If noises will pique your cat’s interest, there is also a bell attached. Luckily, you can remove the bell if your cat, like Winston, is not a fan.

Now, as much as you may love bonding with your cat thanks to string toys, it’s only fun until your arm starts getting sore. Well thanks to the Feather Teaser from Hipipet, the fun doesn’t have to end when you’re unavailable to play. This toy includes a suction cup that you can stick onto a window. You’ll want to put it somewhere that is not too high off the ground — the string is pretty short so you’ll want the cat to be able to reach it. In addition to a feather toy at the end to make it look like prey, the teaser has a bell that jingles to capture your cat’s attention. This comes with two feathers — you screw one of them into the string, and the other is a refill in case the first one gets damaged.

Are feathers not your cat’s favorite? This Rainbow Cat Charmer from Cat Dancer Products offers a different kind of string toy. This one is a very no-frills straightforward toy. It’s just a hard plastic wand with a piece of long rainbow colored fabric on the end that you can dangle and pull away to tease cats.

Birds and mice aren’t the only inspiration for string toys — switch it up with the Fish Teaser Toy from Yoyipet! This toy has such a cute and unique design; it’s made to look like an actual fishing rod, with a “bait” toy at the end. When it’s time to play, you extend the fishing rod until you hear it click, then “cast” the line by swinging it forward in an arc motion. Wind the reel to pull the lure back up and keep your cat jumping and chasing after it. The rod folds back up for easy storage. The lure screws into a cap on the end of the line.

String Toys for Cats

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Both Winston and Lola seemed to enjoy the Fur Pom Teaser, especially Lola. We think that the pom toy on the end is what drew her to it. Even when we weren’t holding up the toy for her, she would play with it on her own!

The Go-Fur-It did a great job at enticing the cats to play, especially cats that are energetic and have a strong hunting instinct. Lola is a lazier cat so she mostly wanted to watch from the sidelines, but still definitely showed an interest in it. We could tell that Winston was fascinated with this toy, and it had him jumping super high. Smokey tends to be more shy, but even he came out to check out the toy!

When you circle the Ecocity Cat Teaser feather around in the air, it really resembles a flying bird. For hunting cats like Winston and Smokey, this was perfect and this teaser quickly became a hit.

Overall, the Hipipet Feather Teaser was really fun for Winston, who couldn’t get enough of this toy! But it may not be right for every household, if you don’t have the window space or setup to make it work.

If your cat is the type that seems more interested in playing with random things they find around your house than fancy toys, maybe they’ll go for Rainbow Cat Charmer. Unfortunately, our test cats needed a little something extra to grab their attention — and this didn’t do it for them.

We had high hopes for the Cat Fish Teaser because it seemed like it could be as fun for humans as it is for cats. Unfortunately, we did not find the toy to be nearly as exciting as it looked. The nylon string did not “cast” very smoothly. The bait itself is just a plush toy, and lacked the texture or appearance that seemed to excite the cats with the other toys. Aside from Winston, none of the other cats were takers with this.

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